What are Roleplay Rooms? Edit

Roleplay Rooms are a Place where you and your Group or Friends can make a room and Roleplay there!

If you are just a regular Roleplay and are not a group, and you are not doing a Roleplay with friends, please find the Forest Roleplay. The Forest Roleplay is the main Forest on Altos and the main place for role playing. If you wish to make a new Forest, feel free to!

Where is the Roleplay Room Category? Edit

We Do Not have a Roleplay Room Category. Our solution to this is to make another page if you have a group, then Categorize it to Other. If it’s a regular friend Roleplay that is not a Group, Then. Just make the page and Categorize it to other. You can then follow the page and copy the link to your friends! A forest Roleplay can just be made and then categorized into Other.

We will be making a Roleplay Room Category soon so don’t fret.

Any Questions? Comment them below!