What are Mallows?Edit

Pronounced: Mah-Low

Mallows are Altosian Species that roam both cold and hot regions.

The hot region Mallows are the regular Mallows, they have short fur whilst the Mountain Mallows have long fluffy fur.

The cold region Mallows are the Mountain Mallows, hence their name, they are found in mountainous areas.

These are more feral species and are found in packs.

Mallows have no powers but they have great adaptability.


Most Mallows have a kangaroo-like tail that has a large fluff at the end. Their large ears also have tufts on the end which help them hear.

They usually have normal sized claws though Mountain Mallow have sharp, long claws to dig into ice.

Their pelt colour is often based on where they are and they can be almost any colour due to them being an adaptable species. (Stated below..)

A purple mallow, such as Uarikao, are found in the shadows and caves.

Blue mallows are usually around water.

Green mallows in dense forests.

Yellow mallows in the desert or beaches.

Red and Orange mallows in volcanic areas (These Mallows have shorter ear and tail fluffs.)

Black mallows are usually found in dark areas that are rocky.

Gray mallows are also found in dark areas that are full of rocks.

White and light gray mallows are found in snowy areas. (These are the Mountain Mallows, the ones that have long fluffy fur and extra big ear and tail fluffs.)


At the age of 12, they are mature and are able to have young. 

They have around 1-3 children in their lifetime, though some have been known to have 6.

Mallows are a main prey source to Wolves and Uargonse.

About the size of a Arabian Horse but can get to about a Swedish Horse size (I used horses ‘cause I can)

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