The Beginning Edit

At the very beginning, a Star was near its end. It was a red giant that had a series of rings around it, with multiple asteroids twisting around those rings.

It was a very beautiful sight, but everything good must have its end.

The Massive red giant exploded into a white dwarf, sending the rings to fly away and turn into dust.

Five asteroids survived the white dwarf‘s sudden change and the four smaller asteroids circled around the biggest. This time was called Nekram’s Escape, since the new Solar System has escaped the Red Giant’s grasp (Red Giant is X37-29)  

After a billion or so years, the biggest asteroid became a small star, and the smaller asteroids became slightly bigger. The biggest of the remaining asteroids was Altos. 

Eventually the smaller 4 asteroids started to gain air and water as the star was able to sustain its form and give the new planets life.

Cells grew inside the water and land emerged above the surface very slowly. The lands were considered to be fairly small at this point. This time was known as The Dawn.

Another Million years later and the life in the water was abundant. Different cells ranged from carnivores to herbivores on Altos. Plankton grew on the surface, Drawing the herbivores up from the depths. Carnivores followed quickly towards the herbivores and omnivores hung around, scavenging off whatever they could.

The cells shortly became fish and started a more complex food chain. The largest of the fish, and the oldest species still known to this day, the Buoligqua (Bow-lee-guh-q-oo-a) or more known as the Bowfish, was at the very top of the food chain. 

Some of the smaller cells still carried out their simple lives while the fish started to look weirder everyday. An example would be the Arrowou (Air-oh-wuh-oh), a fish that had a long tail that looked like an arrow, and it’s head had massive sabertooth-like teeth.

Around this time was The Central time period.

Millions of years passed and the other sister planets started to sustain life like Altos. A handful of the Altosian fish started to develop land walking abilities, such as feet and long flippers like a seal would have. This was at the point where Altos started to gain a small amount of land capable species.

A Searg (Sea-Ar-Guh), one of the most cuddly looking creatures was the first species on land. It’s flippers gave it the ability to flop along the shore. This creature was the first mammal as well. Plants had already started to grow abundantly on the lands. The only creatures on the surface were herbivores at this moment.

More creatures from the water rised out of the water and an Earth-like frog emerged. Along with the frog came many reptiles and several more mammals. Due to the perfect climate for life, the rich oxygen filled skies and the small amounts of carbon dioxide, life was evolving quickly to the climate of the land. This was when the land started to grow to a size that was fairly medium. This time was known as the Gaining Time.

As life progressed for new species, Mountains arose from Earthquakes as the plates shifted upwards. Valleys suddenly formed as two mountains were formed close. This was when the planet was gaining such new life and plants. Many Earth-like species started to appear within the growing planet and many new species native to Altos and it’s sister planets grew abundant.