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The Altos Wiki is a Wiki about a Fantasy and the planet's creatures.

Make sure to research Altos before making a Creature or a Pack, Tribe, Clan, Colony, City, ETC


Remember! This Wikis a HEAVY WIP!!!
So Be Sure to Add To It!

What Exactly is Altos?

Altos is a Planet in the Solar System of Nekram.

Exarog, Merge and Paraq are planets in the same Solar System.

Altos has a single Moon called Mikimak and a Sun (Which is different than a Solar System) called Makmiki.

Many different Creatures roam Altos and most of which are intelligent species.

Civilizations such as Packs, Clans, Tribes, Cities, Colonies, ETC are very common on the oversized planet.

There are nine continents in all, each around 4x the size of North America, allowing extreme amounts of space and plenty of room for civilizations.

Check The Important Planet Information (IPI) For More Info on Altos!




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